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The 2011 Fossil Preparation & Collections Symposium, hosted by Fossil Butte National Monument in Kemmerer, Wyoming April 28-30 (immediately after the 9th Conference on Fossil Resources), will feature paper and poster sessions, a field trip to fossil quarries in the Green River Formation, and mutiple hands-on workshops for people who want to improve, expand, and share their knowledge of tools and techniques for fossil preparation.

Workshop topics and presenters include:


Tool Use

  • Pin vises with Connie Van Beek from The Field Museum in Chicago
  • Trilobite preparation with Dave Comfort

Tool Maintenance

  • Comco® air abrasion tools with Comco, Inc.
  • Swam-Blast® microsandblasters with Crystal Mark, Inc.
  • Percussion tools with Paleo Tools
  • Microscopes with Mike Eklund


Fossil Handling and Storage

  • Matrix repair with Warfield Fossils
  • Advanced molding with Triebold Fossils
  • Plaster cradle construction with William Keyser from the Smithsonian Institution
  • Adjustable armature systems with Fossil Butte National Monument

Images courtesy of Connie Van Beek, William Keyser, and Dave Comfort



Sophisticated Imagery

  • 3-D Laser scanning with Laser Design Inc.
  • Macrophotography with Visionary Digital

Scientific Writing and Illustration

  • Technical writing and writing abstracts with Marilyn Fox and Kenneth Bader
  • Pencil drawing with Frank Ippolito from the American Museum of Natural History
  • Computer-aided line drawing with Frank Ippolito

To Register:

  • A registration form is available here.
  • For more detailed descriptions of events, click here; for a simplified workshop schedule, here.
  • A map of Kemmerer is available here (legal-sized PDF).


Contact the 2011 conference chair Arvid Aase at arvid_aase@nps.gov or (307) 877-4455.

Updated 07 April 2011